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Forget Crossword puzzles, flash cards and other memory tricks!

Magnetic Memory Power

How to Vastly Improve Your Memory and
Remember Anything You Need as Easily as
a Magnet Attracts Bits of Iron- even if
you've always had a lousy memory!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock on your memory? Maybe you've even dared to wish for a better memory than you've ever had... in your entire life!

My name is David Grumbles and I have good news for you. You CAN turn back the clock and even reach your best ever memory power! I know because I've done it myself and I can show you how you can do it too!

I've found the easiest, fastest, most effective ways to create a truly magnetic memory.

Now YOU TOO Can Have

Magnetic Memory Power

What would it be worth to you IF
You could remember everything you need and want

• You had EFFORTLESS ability to learn and retrieve information without memory tricks or playing computer games or doing Sudoku puzzles

You had complete confidence in recalling Names & Faces

• You had quick, accurate recall of all vital business information

You could easily learn new job skills



You could quickly learn foreign languages

• You become more productive...equals MAKE MORE MONEY!

You develop laser-like concentration and think more clearly

Can you see a whole new world of opportunity opening for you?

Don't let limiting beliefs stop you from getting what you want!

If you're like me, you've been told many LIES about your memory. You've read or heard a lot of lies about memory and aging. And you've been LIED to about what is possible for YOU.

Isn't it time to find out the TRUTH?

Let me email you my FREE report Seven Myths, Misconceptions, and Outright Lies About Your Memory.

FREE Special Report:

Seven Myths, Misconceptions, and Outright Lies About Your Memory

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Nothing says OVER THE HILL like a failing memory!

Gray hair, or NO hair, is meaningless compared to how sharp you appear to others. And nothing says SHARP like a flawless memory.

Imagine the impression you can make when you not only remember someone's name but also where and when you met and the details of what you talked about!

Even if you haven't seen them in years!

You probably already know that FEAR is what holds us back in life.

Imagine having the confidence of knowing you can learn anything quickly and have immediate recall.

Imagine your peace of mind knowing you are nearly invulnerable to Alzheimer's disease.

When your memory works at its top level YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE SOARS!
-never fear looking stupid

-have quick answers for people as you instantly recall what you know

-have effortless recall of important business details

-avoid repeating stories to the same people

-be a great conversationalist while your memory feeds you relevant information, news items, anecdotes etc.

-ENJOY PUBLIC SPEAKING! Never fear hitting a blank spot...And with NO notes or teleprompters!
People with powerful memories not only FEEL more confident, they inspire the confidence and respect of others.

Your AGE can command even more respect because you obviously have a WEALTH of experience and knowledge at your command!

And you MORE than just keep up with people half your age!

Say GOODBYE to Senior Moments forever!

Legendary newsman Mike Wallace has said that his 70's were the best and most productive years of his life!

Imagine having your best years still ahead of you!

Let me show you how I can help you!

I've been through memory problems myself due to the onset of middle age and stressful life events. AND I've lived to tell about it! Overwork, divorce, single parenthood all took a toll.

My once excellent memory began to turn into a SWISS CHEESE MEMORY! So I know first hand how "holes in your memory" limit your effectiveness and are themselves a major source of stress!

It all started around my 40th birthday...which is not supposed to be that much fun anyway. And the next few years were worse.

Like most of us, I knew a lot more than I gave myself credit for.

Luckily, in my case that included things like teaching psychology, studying Chinese martial arts and meditation training, a vast amount of time spent in workshops and a lot of knowledge of how the brain and memory work.

So I sat down and figured out a program to get my most powerful memory ever.

• I RESET and RECHARGED my Brain!

EVERYTHING in life is better when your memory is working!

• Thinking becomes crystal clear.

• Your mood becomes lighter and happier.

• Concentration becomes focused like a LASER and you USE this LASER to CUT THROUGH problems with NO RESISTANCE!

Within a couple of years, I met and married a beautiful young woman...20 years younger. Together with my 14 year old daughter we learned Mandarin Chinese and went traveling around China. We did martial art with the monks at the Shaolin Temple. We were chased by an old Chinese woman wielding a stick on the Great Wall. We were caught in a flood in Zhong Zhou with water up to our knees in our taxi cab...and had the time of our life! So much for the LIE that you can't learn a new language past age 40!

David Grumbles with family at the Great Wall in China.

Now in our 10th year of marriage, we have two wonderful little preschoolers running around our home and life continues to get RICHER!

I have continued to expand and refine my memory program over the years and now I am ready to share it with YOU!


From Memory Wizard!

Yes, you CAN call me the Memory Wizard.

But maybe not in the way you think.

I have absolutely no interest in performing memory stunts or memorizing phonebooks or whatever. Life is too short for that. I use my memory in practical ways to get MORE OF WHAT I WANT OUT OF LIFE!

And THAT is exactly what I can help you to do for yourself. If what you want is to be able to memorize the value of pi to over 83,000 decimal places (and its been done) you might want to look for some other course.

Myself, I go for what is useful, practical and VALUABLE!

Memory Wizard is about what I can do for YOU in unlocking YOUR NATURAL GENIUS so YOU can get more of what YOU want.


Your talent for memory is far beyond what you imagine. You need only remove the mental and physical blockages that stand in your way.

MAGNETIC MEMORY POWER attacks these blockages in a powerful and direct way. As you listen to my CD's the blockages will begin to dissolve.

AND you will learn how to SUPERCHARGE your memory.

Like the WIZARD OF OZ, I will help you awaken the MEMORY GIANT you already are.

No, you don't need a new brain!

Neither did the Scarecrow. You've already got all the brain you need!

HOWEVER, you might want to

RESET and RECHARGE Your Brain!

If you're age 35 or older and the ONLY thing you are doing for your memory is learning a bunch of memory tricks or association techniques, then basically you are REARRANGING DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC!

Memory tricks are "okay." They have their place. But they will never supercharge your memory and they are NOT going to protect your memory from the Ravages of Age!

Magnetic Memory Power goes far beyond memory tricks. Your brain will begin to operate on a higher level...the level it was meant to operate on! You can have a SUPERCHARGED MAGNETIC MEMORY!

And with the lifestyle of the typical person, once you reach middle age your brain starts MELTING LIKE THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST! Eventually, you'll be lucky if you can even remember any of the memory tricks you studied. Or even your own name.

IT DOESN"T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! Even if you are well past 40 and have not been taking care of yourself, your brain has INCREDIBLE POWERS of regeneration.


Be The BOSS Of Your BRAIN!

Don't just WISH for a better memory. Don't give up on yourself because you are older than you used to be!

I can show you how to TAKE CHARGE of your memory! Your memory can be your best friend and strongest ally!

Do you think it is any accident that Bill Gates, THE WORLD'S RICHEST MAN, has a phenomenal memory?

Bill Gates' incredible memory is no secret. It is well known to his associates. When Gates turned the reigns of MICROSOFT over to Steve Ballmer, Ballmer stated that Bill Gates has the most amazing memory he had ever encountered!

You see, a powerful memory is not just about recalling a lot of facts, figures and faces. A powerful memory unleashes your creativity. When your memory is working at its top level, you can easily access everything you know and you start to see connections you'd never noticed before.

Creative combinations of ideas, new products, and new business strategies come pouring out! New opportunities to MAKE MORE MONEY start appearing everywhere!

A powerful memory gives you a fantastic competitive edge over others. Add a MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER MEMORY to your other skills and making money will be easier than ever!

In fact, this is why one CD of my package is called MILLION DOLLAR MEMORY SECRETS!

You simply cannot afford to miss out on having this incredible advantage!

Magnetic Memory Power also includes the very best tips for diet and exercise. You've probably noticed a lot of new information about how diet and exercise can promote brain health and better memory. And you may be feeling awash in information overload.

Or maybe you're seeing clearly what you want to be doing but you can't seem to make the changes or to make them stick. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Research shows nearly every person you've ever met finds making long lasting changes in diet and exercise to be one of the most difficult things in life to accomplish!


I can show you how to easily make the changes that will both empower your memory AND rejuvenate your entire body. I can teach you the simple, powerful strategies that make it EASY!


80/20 Rule!

You're probably familiar with this "rule of thumb." Very often, 80% of the benefit comes from just 20% of the actions we take.

Of course the trick is in knowing WHICH 20%!

Take the wrong 20% and you may not have much to show for your efforts. I've done the research for you! Memory Wizard always stresses the most effective 20%

80/20 is extremely important with exercise! Not all exercise is created equal when it comes to supercharging your memory and rejuvenating your body.

In fact, MOST of the exercise people do is a WASTE OF TIME. Especially the WAY they do it.

My CD, INSIDER SECRETS OF BRAIN BODY FITNESS, will give you the inside information enabling you to maximize your results while minimizing your effort!

You can always do more exercising and make more refinements to your diet if you wish, but you may find that you don't have to...once you know the most important 20%!

But my CD series is only half the story!


An essential key to RESETTING and RECHARGING your brain and memory is to exercise in such a way that you increase the energy available to your BRAIN.

The Masters of the Far East have studied the mind body connection for thousands of years and have discovered ways of awakening sleeping abilities that approach the SUPER HUMAN!

You've heard of such practices as Tai Chi, Qi Kung, Yoga or Yogic meditation and their beneficial effects. Maybe you've even tried some of them. If you were REALLY lucky you were able to find a genuine knowledgeable teacher who was actually willing to share the real secrets behind these practices. AND maybe you even had PLENTY of time to practice. If so, then you've already experienced some amazing benefits yourself! Congratulations!

Most people don't have the time or inclination. Or they don't want to get involved in some spiritual mumbo jumbo! Or they can't find a teacher who really knows what they are doing.

It's OKAY! I can show you what you need to do and how to do it RIGHT NOW! I've been very LUCKY to study under some genuine Masters in several Oriental disciplines. I've MADE the time to practice and to understand.


I have condensed 25+ years of experience in Tai Chi and Qi Kung (plus some very special exercises from other disciplines) into my Brain Body Fitness Exercises.

These exercises will add ROCKET FUEL to your process of RESETTING & RECHARGING YOUR BRAIN!

I look at them as my Minimum Daily Requirement of Exercise.

Doing them daily keeps my brain and body ENERGIZED & REJUVENATED!

I only spend 15 to 20 minutes a day doing these exercises.
• They require no equipment or special clothing or exercise mats

• They are EASY & FUN to do!

NO TYING yourself into a Pretzel!

• They can be DONE ANYWHERE. Since I selected only exercises that are done standing up, I've found them easy to do in hotel rooms, parking lots, Interstate rest areas, you name it!

The exercises themselves help clear energetic and mental blockages to a powerful memory!

• No religion or belief system involved. Just healthy physical exercise.

• They keep your body young & fit enough to do any other types of exercise you enjoy

• They give you a Balanced & Systematic workout. Many people choose to do these as their ONLY regular exercise!

• They are especially selected to get your brain working at its BEST!
You can't learn these from any book. But now you can SEE them on my Brain Body Fitness Exercises DVD.

Every exercise is carefully explained and demonstrated. In a week of daily viewing you will have them down and can enjoy them anywhere, anytime. I have taught this exercise series to hundreds of people in workshops. Now for the first time you can learn them in your own home.

EVEN BETTER! I am always learning new things! In the last year I have refined my series by adding some special Chinese energy and rejuvenation exercises that take it to a new level. You can be among the first to learn my best ever Brain Body Fitness Exercises!


You can get my MAGNETIC MEMORY POWER CD SET PLUS BRAIN BODY FITNESS EXERCISES DVD all in one specially priced package!


Get your most powerful memory ever with Memory Wizard's 3 CD program:

1. Insider Secrets of Brain Body Fitness

2. Be the Boss of Your Brain

3. Million Dollar Memory Secrets

Just listening to these CD's can produce a rapid & dramatic improvement in your memory! You immediately begin dissolving the blockages that are holding you back. You learn to use your memory the way it was designed to work! NATURALLY---EFFORTLESSLY!

ADD in the BRAIN BODY FITNESS EXERCISES and you SUPERCHARGE your memory transformation! I am so excited about what these exercises add, and the way they MAGNIFY the whole process, that I am going to include them as part of the package at a huge discount.

REALLY, I can't stand the thought of you having the Magnetic Memory Power CDs without also having the Brain Body Fitness Exercises DVD to go with them!

So here is what I am going to do. All of the CDs and the DVD are valued at $39.95 each for a Total Cost of $158.85.

FOR NOW, to make it easy for you to get the entire set, so that you get MAXIMUM BENEFIT, I am putting it all together into my Supercharged Magnetic Memory Power Package for $158.85 only $97! That's 40% off for a savings of over $60.

Let me help you release your own natural memory genius...Your MAGNETIC MEMORY POWER!

Claim your copy of this fantastic program NOW!

Best Wishes,

David Grumbles, M.A.
The Memory Wizard

P.S. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, then NOW is the time to claim the powerful memory you were meant to have.

P.P.S. Please don't let this opportunity slip away. Don't let it become another fading memory of yet another lost opportunity. Take action now.

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